Wheel Refinishing

Rough roads, potholes, gravel, salt, and extreme weather conditions all take a toll on your wheels. The damage caused isn't always cosmetic either ... it can be hazardous as well.

When alloy wheels are bent or broken, they can cause vibrations that put considerable stress on critical suspension parts, which in turn creates unsafe driving conditions. Most manufacturers recommend replacing damaged alloy wheels rather than attempting to repair them, which can be a big hit to your pocketbook.

A More Affordable Way to Address the Problem

For under half the original cost of a new alloy wheel, the expert technicians at Wash Werks can restore your wheel to it's original finish. It will not only look great, but also be safe and roadworthy once again.

Whether your wheels are scratched, scraped, gouged, stained, or corroded, our professional refinishing process will restore them to like-new condition.

We provide custom cosmetic refinement as well.

Visit the Professionals at Wash Werks Today

Why take any chances that may compromise the performance of your vehicle, as well as your personal safety? Let us take care of your wheels. Stop by Wash Werks for an estimate today!

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